Use Of Lubricant In Steel Industry

Higher amount of investment cost has been observed within the steel plants. Due to lack of interruption during production, worth of investment can be retrieved easily. Continuous production helps to increase revenue quite naturally. For this purpose, it becomes essential to run the machines reliably. From standard lubricants, required amount of service cannot be obtained as it cannot withstand high temperature or load. Therefore, need for special lubricating oil is observed on the occasion.

Dealing with diverse ranges of equipments becomes easy in due course. Several types of lubricants can be found for these equipments. Several parameters are seen within the steel plants as they have to work in a high speed. Both the condition of higher and lower temperature can be observed on the occasion. Higher pollution levels are experienced with lots dust and humid acid. Therefore, it is necessary to select correct lubricant for the equipments.

In harsh condition, chances of wear are reduced without much hassle. Lifetime of the components is increased effectively. In addition, environment is protected. Due to above reasons, profitability of the organization can be enhanced further.

Lubricating Oil

Lubricating Oil

Lubricant application in steel industry

From the steel works to ore processing and casting, necessity of special lubricant oil is felt. Recommendation from the experts can be considered while selecting the best Lubricant oil for machinery. Innovative solutions are made every day for the optimum benefit of the customer. Technical innovation is covered at the same time.

Proven efficiency

Some environmental and safety rules are observed within the steel industry. In addition, desire to reduce the consumption and emission is noticed. Standard methods are generally utilized to obtain energy efficiency through the lubricating oil.

Benefits of using lubricating oil

  • Extensive service life is noticed from the lubricated parts
  • Cleaner workplace is guaranteed due to decreased amount of lubricant consumption
  • High profits is offered through plant efficiency
  • Energy saving is certified

Things to look at for right lubricant

For the steel plant, equipment manufacturers have recommended lubricating oil according to the type, load, speed and design of machines. However, several other factors are looked at if set grade is not found beneficial for the products. In order to choose a lubricant for a particular application, importance must be given to engineering and condition of service. Through selection of proper oil viscosity, issues can be solved. In order to meet the service requirement, it is better to search for an effective additive package.

Speed, load, interacting surface, temperature are various factors regarding engineering. Through adequate addition system, problems related to the service condition can be answered properly. Through additive service, protection is given from oxidation, rusting, corrosion, scuffing and foaming. In future, issues related to the oxidation in steel plant may be answered in better fashion. Development has been seen on the front.

Utilization of hydraulic oils, compressor oils, industrial gear oils and compound oil are observed in several occasions. However, use of synthetic oil may not be seen at an increased level in the steel plant.


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