Different Applications of Lubricant Oils in Daily Life

Among different types of lubricants, the most common type is the form of motor oil that is used for the engine protection from internal combustion for the motor vehicles as well as powered machines. In order to reduce friction and wear, such lubricants are also use. In fact, lubricant oils are essential to ensure the performance and longevity of vehicles and machines.  

Let’s explore different applications of lubricant oils in different places-

  • Separate the Moving Parts in a Machine

Lubricant oils help to separate the moving parts in a machine. Thus, these are ideal for decreasing the surface fatigue and friction in the machine. Basically, it forms a thin layer of physical barrier that segregates the moving parts.

  • Reduce Friction

In comparison to surface-to-surface friction, lubricant-to-surface friction is less for a machine. So if you need to maintain the proper performance of a system, you need to focus on the use of lubricant oil adequately in it. Due to reduced friction, you can also ensure the reduce amount of heat generation, decreased forming of wear particles and overall improved efficiency.

  • Transport Heat

Lubricant oils have the feature of transferring heat. For the high voltage of heat capacity, liquid lubricants are very effective. These lubricants are circulated to and from colder part of a machine although they are effective for warming up and cooling of a machine when it needs a regulated temperature. This application of lubricant oil is ideal for ensuring the oxidize of the turbo charger and clogging of oil with deposit in case of sudden shut down of a machine, especially effective for high speed drive and sudden stopping of engines.

  • Removal of Contaminants and Debris

Moreover, lubricants are benefited with circulation system where the internally produced debris as well as external contaminants are carried away. Thus lubricant oils help in filtration of a system. In case of automotive engines, such debris and contaminants are transported to the filer and removal due to the lubricant oils that contain detergent and dispersant additives.

  • Transmit Power

For hydrostatic power transmission, hydraulic fluids are essential to ensure the workflow. Lubricant oils are very effective for this working fluid, as a large portion of them is comprised with hydraulic fluids. Another important application of lubricant oil is torque converter of the mechanical transmission.

  • Wear Protection

Wear protection is another major application of lubricant oils as these are effective for keeping apart of moving parts in a machine. Since these contain anti-wear or intense pressure additives, they can perform great against wear and fatigue.

  • Corrosion Prevention

Good quality lubricant oil often contains additives that are effective to form chemical bond with the surface. It is also effective to exclude moisturizer. In all cases, these are helpful for corrosion and rust prevention.

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