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Being verified was always cool and it has its benefits attached to it as well. The coveted green mark not only allows you to secured with all the functionalities of the website but also become a leader among the rest of dealers in the website. There's always some amount of security added when you have a concrete way of saying "yes that activity was done with my account." Anything else leaves you open to outsiders pretending to be you. Depending on what you do for a living or how you spend your time online, that could be a really valuable thing.It gives you more control over what the listing has to say about your business, and provides easy access to any updates your business may have for itself.

Before Verification

Before Verification

We accept verification request from every member. Clearly there is a set-in-stone method for verification, just as there are hard requirements to attain the badge. We've numbers members / dealers registered with us

Process of Being Verified


Upload all necessary documents


Pay Nominal Charges of $10 per year


You're Verified
  • 1We will ask you to fill all the details in the profile page of your account. Login to your account > Verify your Identity
  • 2Upload all necessary documents required in order to get verified (We've a team set up done in our office just to verify each and every detail you metion in

    the website and cross-check with the owner or the concerned people in order to get the most authentic information registered to our website)

  • 3Save the changes and we will get back to you within 2-3 working days
  • 4A nominal charge of $10 per year after you successfully compete step 1
  • 5You're verified!

Benefits of Being a Verified Member of Lubricants Dealer.com

  • An edge over the rest of the members of the website
  • Visitors / Customers contact you trust you because of "green tick" attached to your name
  • Use the discussions forum to contact and interact with people registered there
  • Contact any person from the entire website anytime without going through the "LubricantsDealer" medium
  • Get a verified badge in your supplier profile
  • Gives you more control over your business listing on your website

List Of Verified Members

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