Different Applications of Lubricant Oils in Daily Life

Among different types of lubricants, the most common type is the form of motor oil that is used for the engine protection from internal combustion for the motor vehicles as well as powered machines. In order to reduce friction and wear, such lubricants are also use. In fact, lubricant oils are essential to ensure the performance and longevity of vehicles and machines.   Continue reading

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How Lubricating Oil Is Prepared

In order to minimize friction, wear and heat generated due to the contact between different mechanical parts, lubricants are used. At present, among different types of lubricants, the most commonly used product is the lubricating oil as it offers wide array of possible applications.

Let’s have a look on the different processes related to manufacturing of lubricating oils 

Among different types of lubricants oils or lube oils, the two most common types are mineral oil and synthetic oil. Where the mineral oils are made from the naturally produced petroleum or crude oil, the synthetic oils are prepared from polyalphaolefins that is actually hydrocarbon-based polyglycols or ester oil.  Continue reading

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